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Commitment to Quality

At Nuface Dental Implant Center, we prioritize quality as our core value. Our dedicated Quality Team ensures that our clinics consistently deliver the highest standards of care.

Advanced Equipment & Technology

At Nuface Dental Implant Center, we utilize the latest state-of-the-art dental technology and equipment. Our doctors receive ongoing training to ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

Safety Equipment

Nuface Dental Implant Center has implemented comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all dentists and dental assistants, ensuring their safety during procedures.

Welcome To Nuface Dental Implant Center

Best Dental Clinic and Dentist in Jalandhar

About Our Dental Clinic in Jalandhar

Nuface Dental Implant Center is a premier destination in the beautiful city of Jalandhar, dedicated to providing exceptional oral healthcare and smile transformation services. Our Dental Clinic in Jalandhar, which is in the center of the city, provides a warm, compassionate, comfortable, and immaculately clean environment.

At Nuface Dental Implant Center, we prioritize your satisfaction and well-being. Using cutting-edge digital imaging tools, our highly trained personnel will give you their full attention while thoroughly explaining your dental health situation. We provide a variety of treatment choices to guarantee that your teeth are strong and healthy for a lifetime, as well as a natural appearance that will increase your self-confidence.

To ensure your safety, we adhere to international sterilization standards for all dental equipment. Our dedicated team is extensively trained in infection control practices, ensuring meticulous implementation of these protocols.

Choose Nuface Dental Implant Center for comprehensive oral healthcare and smile design, where your needs and satisfaction are our top priorities.


Best Dental Clinic in jalandhar

Since 2002, Dr. Ajay Bibra, the owner of the dental clinic in Jalandhar, Statrted a Nuface Dental Implant Center, has been believes in using the latest methods and modern dental technology to deliver high-quality dental care. They are sincerely devoted to providing the best oral health care to all of our patients. These services may include regular checkups and cleanings, dental treatments and procedures, and cosmetic dentistry services.

When you come to our clinic, we always put your comfort and dental needs first. We have special dental tools like chairs, drills, and machines for taking pictures inside your mouth. We also make sure everything is clean and safe. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed and get the right dental care just for you.

Our Dental Service

We provide a full range of dental services including routine dental checkups, cleanings, fillings, crowns, teeth whitening, implants, veneers, orthodontic treatment, gum treatment, and more! Get the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve with our personalized dental care.

Dental Implant

“Restore your smile and confidence with natural-looking dental implants at our state-of-the-art clinic in Jalandhar.”


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Welcome to Nuface Dental Implant Center, where we offer a wide range of surgical procedures to address issues with your mouth, jaw, and face.


Dental Crown & Bridges

We have highly skilled and experienced experts who use advanced tools and technologies to provide the best Crowns & Bridges Treatment in Jalandhar.

Child Dentistry

Choosing a reliable and Best Child Dentist in Jalandhar is essential to maintain the beautiful smile and beauty of your child’s face.

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

If you have an infected tooth, don’t worry! Root canal treatment can save it, and the best part is, it’s painless!



Nuface Dental Implant Center – Best Orthodontist in Jalandhar offers teeth straightening, Invisalign, Inman Aligners, and Damon Braces treatment using cutting-edge technology and luxury dental care.

Book an Appointment

Booking an appointment with us is easy. During office hours, you can call our Dental clinic in Jalandhar and speak to one of our friendly staff who will help you schedule an appointment at a time that suits you.



Dental Implant Vs bridge Comparison
Dental Implant vs Bridge

What’s Better: A Dental Implant or a Bridge? When it comes to replacing missing teeth, two popular options are dental implants and dental bridges. Both solutions aim to restore functionality and improve your appearance and speech, but they have distinct differences. When you lose a tooth or tooth extracted, the top priority is to get

what to eat after root canal
what to eat after root canal

Choosing a meal, snack, or drink after a root canal can be a challenging task. However, fret not! We have a menu of healthy and delicious options to guide you through your recovery. It can be confusing to determine which foods to avoid or enjoy during this sensitive time for your mouth. Allow us to